Text Box: Bodily Injury

Injuries occur all the time, and we all have our stories to tell.  Falls from ladders or stairs, collapses of scaffolding, railing or balcony failures, and slip and fall incidents are typical examples.  In these litigious times, even a seemingly minor slip and fall accident can result in a major claim or lawsuit. 


I-ENG-A member firms investigate the origin and cause of many different types of bodily injury claims for litigation support.  The accident scene is thoroughly investigated and documented.  Some pertinent features may include lighting, time of day, weather conditions, First Responder reports, and surface roughness analysis in accordance with ANSI/NFSI B101 Standards. 


When prudent, the I-ENG-A biomechanical advisory team might be brought into the investigation to provide valuable expertise in the area of injury biomechanics and assessing the severity of injury sustained. 


Examples of cases include: 


· Slip and Fall Investigations

· Work –Related Injuries

· Injuries from Equipment

· Faulty Design Evaluations

· Improper Maintenance

· Appropriate Caution/Warning Signs



Initial Investigations:


The investigation will likely begin with a review of all relevant documentation (including medical reports), an on-site inspection, photographic documentation, and interviewing witnesses and the parties involved.







Many factors may need to be determined about the

surface or situation surrounding the accident,  including:


· Surface cleaning procedures.

· Surface treatment procedures.

· Lighting.

· Auditing of maintenance procedures and materials.

· Analysis of work records. 

· Medical records review.

· Interviews of the involved parties and witnesses.

· Surface roughness evaluation.


The conditions at the time of the scene of the accident must also be considered and verified.




The geometric relationship of objects may play an important determining role in what actually occurred.  Diagrams may need to be created to analyze all theoretical possibilities.  A major bonus of using the I-ENG-A member firms for litigation support is their ability to work with some of the leading experts in biomechanics who are preeminent in the field of computer simulation.  This, in conjunction with expert scientists and physicians can decipher scientifically the relationship between the accident and the injuries sustained using factual, measureable data.




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