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Investigative Engineers Association (I-ENG-A®) was founded in 1991 as the very first association of professional forensic or investigative engineering firms doing business with the property and casualty insurance industry.  The Investigative Engineers Association is a pioneer in the field of investigative engineering. 


In 1981, prior to brainstorming the idea for the Investigative Engineers Association, the founders developed First General Services, the nation’s first emergency restoration contractor network in North America with one of the first computerized estimating software platforms in the industry.  In the first twenty-five (25) years of First General Services, it is estimated that the contractor network participated in over $5 billion of insurance restoration. 


In the late 1980's, several different insurance companies came to us at different times stating how beneficial it would be to have an association of engineers who were trained to respond to the insurance industry with timely, ethical and accurate investigations that were also ‘insurance-wise’.  Having a general knowledge and understanding of the nature of the insurance industry including subrogation, terminology, the investigative process, standards, as well as having the ability to tap into historical resources and networking with engineers of all disciplines.  It became obvious that the property and casualty insurance industry needed the Investigative Engineers Association.



Investigative Engineers Association