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The Investigative Engineers Association; is a nationwide network of independent forensic engineering firms, providing services to investigate, document, test and secure property/evidence and provide accurate reporting for the property and casualty insurance industry. I-ENG-A’s standardized reporting methodology, database of information, forensic engineering education and networking ability assists with comprehensive, cost-effective and fastidious claims settlement. 


I-ENG-A of Rochester by Turner Forensics is dedicated to providing timely, accurate and comprehensive forensic engineering consulting services to the Property and Casualty Insurance industry (including adjusters, risk managers, litigation, government and private clients).  I-ENG-A of Rochester by Turner Forensics was established as the forensic division of Turner Engineering, PC, to provide Insurance Companies with a means to handle their claim’s investigations with the astute analytical skills of a trained and experienced professional engineering firm delivered on schedule and in a cost-effective manner.  With access to the I-ENG-A’s training, library of past cases, and experts in a wide variety of disciplines, the firm can offer prompt investigation and reporting on many type of claims investigations.


I-ENG-A of Rochester by Turner Forensics prides itself in perfecting the team approach, utilizing the strength of the integrated practice of Investigation, Precise Documentation of Findings and Observations, Analysis, Concise and Conclusive Reporting, and, when needed, Expert Testimony.  The trick is in developing a co-operative team, each member offering a unique and acute set of skills within their respective discipline, while at the same time capable of viewing the problem in a holistic manner.  The Investigative Engineers Association and local member firms, as a team, are preeminent in the field of investigative and forensic engineering as a whole, while each member firm may have a unique expertise that is available to other member firms throughout the nation.

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