Text Box: Biomechanics

The I-ENG-A members and the biomechanical advisors, as a team, offer a full-service, nationwide investigative engineering and incident/accident reconstruction solution with years of experience in recreating, analyzing, and identifying causes of accident/incidents and human injury. We provide solid scientific support and expert testimony for both civil and criminal litigation.


This team of physicians, biomechanists, and engineers use a series of diagnostics, medical records, and validated biomechanical modeling tools to analyze the body’s physical reactions to forces.

The investigations account for the individual’s unique size, weight and physical condition; information gathered from the incident location; environmental conditions; all tools or equipment involved in the incident/accident; and what  alleged injuries resulted from the incident. Through our series of sensitive and efficient tests, we are able to put a magnifying glass on the case and determine the specific causes and severity of the injuries sustained.

For all types of litigation, member experts provide the scientific support to strengthen your case.


• Homicide

• Murder

• Manslaughter

• Vehicular manslaughter

• Child & elder abuse

• Nursing Home abuse

• Assault

• Police brutality

• Sports injuries

• Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

• Shaken Baby Syndrome



• Vehicular accident analysis

• Seat belt use, effectiveness, and failure analysis

• Air bag failure and related injury analysis

• Head injury, spinal injury, or extremity trauma

• Organ trauma

• Orthopedic and occupational biomechanics

• Job and tool analysis

• Repetitive trauma disorder

• Lifting/pushing/pulling injury

• Slip/trip and fall analysis

• Sports and sports equipment related injury



Text Box: Verifiable scientific data that clearly shows the relationship between the alleged injuries and the forces present in the accident/incident.