Text Box: Environmental Claims Support

The I-ENG-A Environmental Group provides expert engineering services for claims involving any contaminant including conventional pollutants, hydrocarbons, residual and municipal solid wastes, RCRA hazardous wastes, asbestos, lead, PCB's, herbicides, pesticides, and low-level radioactive wastes. The group specializes in environmental claims problem solving involving:


· Third Party Independent Reviews

· On-Site Emergency Response

· Sampling and Testing of Soils, Groundwater, Surface
Water and Air

· Field Investigation and Monitoring

· Computer Simulations and  Modeling

· Determination of Type, Cause, Origin and Extent of
Contamination Planning

· Design - All Traditional Disciplines

· Construction Management and/or Oversight

· Turnkey Remediation and  Closure

· Development of Damage Mitigation Strategies

· Remediation Cost Estimates

· Pre-Loss Risk Analysis and Efficacy Studies

· Professional Analyses and Reports

· Regulatory Liaison

· Support in Legal Proceedings




Text Box:

· Air Pollution and Air Quality

       Including Indoor Air Quality

· Environmental Audits

· Groundwater and Water-well Contamination

· Hazardous and Solid Waste

· Management Services

· Industrial and Transportation Accident Contamination

· Lake, Stream, and Water Supplies

· Landfills and Waste Disposal

· Nuclear

· Phase I - Phase V Site

· Soil and Materials Contamination

· Storage Tank and Pipeline

· Superfund/CERCLA and RCRA Sites

Scope of Environmental  Engineering Services